Financial Wellness

Financial wellness starts with basic financial literacy but goes much further. Financial wellness is developing financial security and having a healthy relationship with money. The goal is to live life without the stress of finances and have PEACE OF MIND.  Financial Wellness with Vicki is the place to learn the skills necessary to become Financially Fabulous, Financially Well!

Get guidance from industry experts.

Learn how to make financial decisions independently.

Engage in a supportive community focused on similar goals.

Gain clarity about your personal finances. 

Learn how to set and achieve financial goals.​

Learn from the legendary OG of the OC!

Financial Wellness with Vicki fills a vital void noticed by Vicki and her agents. Too often, people would seek advice, after a significant crisis, and find out they were unprepared, they were uninformed and felt abandoned by those who were supposed to provide protection. From basic financial literacy, learning to make complex decisions as an individual or as part of a couple, such an encompassing and holistic program did not exist. 

Financial Wellness with Vicki provides a variety of educational programs to help you become financially fabulous and financially well.  With educational ebooks and self-paced courses, you can learn the basics of financial wellness at your own pace.  As a bonus, Vicki has developed a supportive private Facebook community where members further their financial knowledge.  Vicki personally guides community members through weekly money challenges and answers members questions daily.  This experience provides invaluable interaction and feedback in a supportive environment.