Meet Vicki

As a mother, nana, soon-to-be wife, entrepreneur, influencer, visionary, insurance expert, friend and, “housewife”, she’s excited to launch her newest venture.

Although Vicki has many titles and areas of expertise, she is well-known as the original cast member of the Bravo TV hit series “The Real Housewives of Orange County”.  Many know Vicki as a successful businesswoman, but don’t understand what her business does and how many lives she has truly impacted.

As a member of the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table), Top of the Table Designation, Vicki has received awards for being in the top 1% of insurance producers nationwide. She has earned top accolades in a predominantly-male industry and has long been an inspiration to others in her industry. Vicki has always been passionate about helping her clients design a financial roadmap to help them plan, preserve, and protect their financial futures.


Financial Wellness with Vicki was created to fill an important void noticed by Vicki and her agents. Too often people would seek out advice, after a major crisis, and find out they were not prepared, they were uninformed and they felt abandoned by those who were supposed to provide protection. From basic financial literacy to learning how to make complex decisions as an individual or as part of a couple, such an encompassing and holistic program did not exist, until now. Part financial coach, part insurance educator, all within a supportive community lead by everyone’s favorite housewife, Vicki has turned her passion into a platform to make financial wellness available to all through the Financial Wellness with Vicki Community.

How much does the membership cost?

Monthly membership in the Financial Wellness with Vicki community is $57/month, billed on an automatic, recurring schedule.

Can my membership be paused or cancelled?

Yes, if at any time you need to pause or cancel your membership, you may do so. Your membership is on a monthly basis and there is no penalty for cancelling.

Will I be solicited in any way? 

No. This is a mentorship community, not a solicitation. You will learn how to make independent financial decisions.  Should you want to work with Vicki, you may inquire about that, but there is no pressure, no obligation whatsoever.

I’m already working with an advisor, is this going to be a conflict?

Not at all.  This is a mentorship community to guide you to make independent financial decisions,  You are welcome to approach your advisor to help you with products that you have decided you’d like to purchase.

I don’t have money to invest, will this be a waste of time?

Absolutely not. Under Vicki’s guidance, you will improve your all around financial wellness.  Investing is one of many areas which encompass financial wellness and not necessary to do that to be a contributing member of this community.

Will I receive certified investment or legal advice?

No.  The purpose of this mentorship community is to educate you to make independent financial decisions.  There will be no specific investment advice given. Should you desire specific advice we will guide you how to best find the answers to your specific needs.

Since this community is on Facebook, will all of my friends see what I’m doing?

No. This is a private group. Only paying members can view and participate in the group. Although sharing among members enhances your experience, there is no requirement to participate. You can just read and learn from others if you are more comfortable.

Do you allow other insurance brokers to join?

Yes, insurance brokers and other financial professionals are welcome to join our community. There is a strict no solicitation policy for all community members. Anyone in violation of this will be immediately removed from the group. Please report any such communications should they arise.

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